Darabtemetés: Tanulmány a nőkről

A Hevesi Sándor Színház 2022/23 évadjának utolsó előadása, egyben a Tanulmány a nőkről című darba temetése is. Galéria az előadásról kb 130 exklúzív képpel…

Homeless page

Whether you like it or not, there are “people without an address”, or officially called homeless people living among us on the streets. I often engage in a conversation with them, because sometimes a kind word is worth a lot…

For Earth Day

An assortment of images taken of nature, its beauty and of the values of our land, which we have a duty to preserve. Let’s not make the planet Mars habitable, let’s preserve our surroundings for future generations!


The spread of the virus has radically changed our lives for two whole years. When life halted, I kept on working and for some reason, I never was infected. I tried to make the best of my limited opportunities.

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Art nude photos

Nude photography is said to be the pinnacle of photography. I guess so. Not only does the photographer possess technical and aesthetic knowledge, but he must also be aware of the world of light and anatomy. Also, he needs a fair amount of poetry, a model who fits into his plans, preferably a professional one, and other things, like a Master Plan…1997

Edit Bérces’ running

World and European champion, Guinness record holder in ultramarathon running, had a 50 km memorial run from Zalaegerszeg to Nagykanizsa. This very route introduced Edit into the world of ultra-running back in the day. She reminisced about this event recently

Márk’s recovery

Márk Kele was kicked by a horse. The little boy from Transylvania suffered a serious head injury and the children’s ward of the hospital in Zalaegerszeg has been working hard to bring him back from his estranged world…

A postcard from Landorhegy

Landorhegy is a relatively new part of Zalaegerszeg. It was built in the sixties and later extended by a district called Herszon in the seventies. I took a long walk around the area on a Sunday morning to show the style of socialist urbanism and the city dwellers’ lives.

You are welcome back…

Piano concert series for the pandemic-weary and lonely city dwellers. The concert was given by pianist László Tóth. Twelve concerts were held in three days in different venues of Zalaegerszeg, performing the works on the back of a truck…

toth laszlo zongoramuvesz

In search of lost villages

Since the 1970s, development in Hungary has made living in the city more comfortable and popular, causing the decline of villages. In fact, it led to the complete disappearance of some villages. My pictures show the remains of villages that no longer exist.

Graduation page 1.0

This photo report was taken at the graduation ceremony of the Kölcsey Ferenc High School in Zalaegerszeg in 2017.

Graduation page 2.0

Zrínyi High School 2022
Is a 300 mm lens any good during a report? When that’s all you have, you have to make do. Check out the gallery for more.

Roma beauty contest

This photo report shows a beauty contest in a jolly mood because the Roma make every party a memorable one. Beautiful girls, proud fathers and a huge interest…

Refugees from Syria

I had the opportunity to photograph the management of the refugee wave in Szentgotthárd, where people fleeing Syria were received by the Hungarian and Austrian authorities.

Night patrol

Finding and helping homeless people is the aim of the so-called “Tea Patrol” service run by the Hungarian Red Cross in Zalaegerszeg during the winter. The pictures were taken during one of these night tours.

Circo Soluna

An insight into the daily life of a family-run nomadic circus.


In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, the first large-scale, mass event was held in the new Mindszenty Sports Hall. Many young people and their relatives were present at the ceremony, led by a bishop.


Zalaegerszeg in a different light.

I took some “usual” photos of the city with a 360 degree camera…



Uncomfortable Armchair

A report soon followed that Mr. Bingley was to bring twelve ladies and seven gentlemen with him to the assembly.

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