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Everything was made to be once photographed and it follows that the photographer (uP)

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The good thing is in the darkness that, I can't see my blindness. But fortunately, I can see the light and what it's drawing: the visible world... and maybe the invisible, too.

I started photography in 1988. Firstly I took photos for my enjoy and later it became to my passion. I have been working as photo reporter since 1990. Now, I work for The Zala News, local daily newspaper in Zala county, Hungary.

You can see my art's forever changing from work on the TimeLine page. My newest works are in the Gallery.
I work for a newspaper normaly and you can find my reports on the Photo-Genres page. From the everyday life... a photographer's everyday life and this's effect can read on the Blog. Forthermore, everything what you like to know about me, for example: publications, exhibitions, prizes and more are on the About Me page. Finaly, if you have message or opinion, write me, please click on Contact page.

I'm living in Zalaegerszeg. /in Hungary/
I found the essence of my life in photography.
And now, I'm so happy that I take photos and I will take ones in the future.
I feel like God, when I take a picture because the photographer is a creative man.

Zalaegerszeg, H-8900
Mobil - +36 309 569 021
Email - umberto.pezzetta@gmail.com
Web - www.umbertopezzetta.it
2019 Budapest, Mediawork Competition, First prize in two category and Second prize in one
2012 Nagypáli Media Prize - 2012
2011 Photo-reporter of The Year 2011 (Prima Award)
2002 Second Prize, National, Nagykanizsa, HSMK. Our life
1998 Press Award '97 from Zala News
1997 Another Prize, Budapest, with Europa Eyes, BNV
1996 International Diploma, Teheran, IRAN, Photo Biennial, Teheran Contemporary Art M
1996 Second Prize, National, Budapest, MAV 150 years
1995 First Prize, National, Kecskemet, Seasons of Budapest, Museum of Photography
1994 National Diploma, Budapest, The Best Pictures of Quarter
1992 First Prize, National, Kaposvar, KaposArt, East-Europa postcard
1991 Second Prize, Zalaegerszeg, Zala County PhotoCompetition
Zalaegerszeg, IX. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, VIII. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, VII. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, VI. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, V. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, IV. PressPhtoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Egervár, Press box, Sajtópáholy, Egervár
Klagenfurt, Twin TownArt, Klagenfurt/Zalaegerszeg
group exhibition with Eva Asaad, Ferdinand Neumüller and Péter Seres.
III. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, The Theater's 30 years old. Together with Éva Keleti, Zrínyi Hightschool.

Nagykanizsa, XXXVIII. personal exhibition. T: Momentary Stories - premier
Zalalövő, Exhibition of G5 group,
second station of Pictures of the Year 2011 in the Culture Central, Zalalövő

Zalaegerszeg, II. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, I. PressPhoto Exhibition of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Budapest, Pictures of the 2010 Exhibition of G5 group
Gyenesdiás, XXXVII. personal exhibition, House of Village, title: The Day of Poetry
Zalaegerszeg, Poorness. Outdoor exhibition on the Main Place in Zalaegerszeg.
XXXVI. personal exhibition p.e
Cserszegtomaj, XXXV. personal exhibition. International Artists meeting

Gyula, Castle Theater of Gyula - Theater is all of the World. group
Zalaegerszeg, Miklós Zrinyi High school. Pictures of Theater 2007-2009 XXXIV. p.e.

Zalaegerszeg, Gönczi Galleria, Pic of the Summer Theater. XXXIII. p.e
Szécsisziget, Together with Gábor Tompa,Title: Szécsisziget 

Zalaegerszeg, MMIK Title: Pictures of the Summer Theater. XXXII. 

Zalalövő, XXXI. Personal exhibition Title: Pations and The Secrets
Gutorfölde, XXX. Personal exhibition, Title: Pations and The Secrets

Szécsisziget, Together with Gábor Tompa,Title: Vario of Corpu
Becsvölgye, Falunap, XXVIII. personal Exhibition, title: Meeting
Zalaegerszeg, Zalai Hírlap is 60 years old, group, Title: The Woman
Zalaegerszeg, Hause of Kamarak, Group, Title: The Woman
Becsvölgye, Unio and the Women Conferance group
Zalalövő. Zala Menti Napok. XXVII. personal Exhibition.
Budapest, Hungarian PressPhoto Competition, Magyar Sajtófotó pályázat és kiállítás 2003.
Miháld, Falunap alkalmából, XXVI. Önálló kiállítás
Zalaegerszeg, Ötvös AMK, XXV. personal exhibition, title:Carneval in Venezia
Zalaegerszeg, Moricz MK, group, Local artist
Nagykanizsa, Hsmk, "Our life" National exhibition. Secund pzize.
Cserszegtomaj, School, XXV. personal exhibition, Collection 91-02
Zalaegerszeg, Ötvös ÁMK, XXIV. personal exhibition, Theater is the World
Budapest, Theater of Thalia, XXIII. personal exhibition, Theater is the the World
Zalaegerszeg, Móricz Cultural Center, XXI. Personal Exhibition,
Title: Celebration of The Deepest point.
Zalaegerszeg, Kafka College, XXII. Personal Exhibition, title: Carnevale in Venezia
Marosvásárhely, Romania, Tirgu Mures Romania, I.International Salon, Gold Mask.
Kunszentmiklós, Cultural Center, title: Age of Arpad, group, national exhibition
Zalaegerszeg, Hevesi Sándor Theater, XVIII. Personal Exhibition,
title: Photographer's eyes
Zalaegerszeg, MMIK, XIX. Personal Exhibition, title: The World is theater.
Marosvásárhely - Tirgu Mures Romania, group, Photo Club of Zalaegerszeg
Egervár, Scool, XX. Personal Exhibition, title: The World is theater 2
Nagykanizsa, Hsmk, Our Life national exhibition,
Zalaegerszeg, Gallery of Apáczai ÁMK,  XIV. Personal Exhibition, Title: Venezia and Carnival
Zalaegerszeg, Miklós Zrínyi Gallery of High School,  XV. Personal Exhibition, The best pictures
Kustánszeg, Day of the Village, XVI.Personal Exhibition, Venezia and Carnevale
Letenye, Torch Cultural Center, Hungarian Photo Week, Title: Carnevale il Venezia '98
Zalalövő, Gallery of Cultural Center, XIII. Personal Exhibition, title: Carnevale il Venezia '98
Nagykanizsa, Sandor Hevesí Cultural Center, IX. Personal Exhibition, title: Pictures...
Letenye, Torch Cultural Center, X. Personal Exhibition, title: Everyday Dreams
Zalaegerszeg, Ferenc Deak Highschool, XI. Personal Exhibition, Title: Carneval in Venezia
Zalaegerszeg, Dezso Pais Scool, XII. Personal Exhibition, title: Carneval in Venezia
Budapest, International WorkShop of BP, title: with Europa Eyes, group, national
Sopron, National Photo Gallery, group, national
Budapest, Mano Gallery, group, national
Zalaegerszeg, Sandor Hevesi Teatre, VIII. Personal Exhibition, title: Nudes
Budapest, MAV 150 years, national Second Prize
Budapest, Obuda Photo Club, The Best Picture of Quarter, group, national
Teheran, IRAN, Teheran Contemporary Art Museum, Iran Photo Biennial, International Diploma
Dunaujvaros, Photo Gallery, group, national
Szeged, Ferenc Mora Museum, group, national, Young Hungarian Photo '90s
Nagykanizsa, Place Club, VI. Personal Exhibition, title: Silent of Last Modesty
Zalaegerszeg, Hamburger School, group
Zalaegerszeg, Sandor Hevesi Teatre,  VII. Personal Exhibition, Title: Silent of Last Modesty
Makó, Attila József Cultural Center, Nude, group, national
Kecskemét, Museum of Hungarian Photography, title: Seasona of Budapest, First Prize national
Zalaszentgrot, Cultural Center of Town, IV. Personal Exhibition,
Miskolc, Miskolc Gallery, Young Hungarian Photo '90s, group, national
Nagykanizsa, Sandor Hevesí Cultural Center, title:"My life", national Grand Prize
Letenye, Torch Cultural Center, V. Personal Exhibition, title: 
Miskolc, Miskolc Gallery, title: "I just thinking", group, national
Budapest, Budapest Gallery, group, national
Mako, Attila Jozsef Cultural Center, title: Nudes, group, national
Budapest, Pataky Cultural Center, group, national
Szeged, University, Life of the Young People, group, national
Lenti, Gonczi Highschool, III. Personal Exhibition, title: Bedtime Story III
Budapest, SOTE, group, national
Zalaegerszeg, Cultural Center of Zala Town, I. Personal Exhibition, Title: Bedtime Story
Dunaujvaros, Cultural Center of Worker, group, national
Zalaegerszeg, Cultural Center of Zala County, group
Kaposvár, Kapos Art, title: East-Europa postcard, national First Prize
Letenye, Torch Cultural Center, II. Personal Exhibition, title: Bedtime Story II.
Zalaegerszeg, Cultural Center of Zala County, group
Lenti, Laszlo Solyom Cultural Center, group
Dunaujvaros, Cultural Center of Worker, group, national prize
Zalaegerszeg, Cultural Center of Zala County, group
My Location - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
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